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Have you been wanting to write that book but have no idea how to do it? Do you have a burning message that you know will help others? We can help make that happen. We can teach you and coach you around how to brainstorm, research, organize, structure, title, and write your best book. Every one of our clients has become a bestselling author and got their message out to the world.


Have you been overwhelmed by all the details necessary to publish your book? Did you even know there were a lot of details? If yes to the first or no to the second, you’re in the right place. There’s no shame in not knowing what to do once your book is finished. We’ve helped numerous authors publish and promote their book to bestseller status.


Do you know what it takes to successfully market your book to the world? Do you know which actions are the ones that take a little bit of time and bring the most sales versus the ones that take a lot of time and create almost none? Why spend years figuring out which ways work and which ways don’t when we’ve already done that for you?

What We Do

We offer both publishing & web design
because authors & entrepreneurs need both to stand out in a crowded market!

We help our authors navigate the murky, often confusing, waters of the publishing industry & online marketing.

We help entrepreneurs rise above their competition with a bestselling book.

And we help people transform their lives all along the way!

Accolades from Cindy J – #1 Bestseller in Multiple Categories!

“A BIG THANK YOU to Takara and the team at Deep Dive Publishers. I had struggled for years trying to figure out how to write my book. I knew I wanted to share my story, and I knew I wanted to write it in a way that would help others. That’s when I met Takara and she helped me to do just that! She held my hand every step of the way and asked me the tough questions that I needed to answer to write the best book possible. The Deep Dive Publishing Guides were invaluable and ensured I followed the steps and processes needed to write, edit and publish my own best-selling book.”

Cindy J. Holbrook – #1 Bestselling Author of Overcoming Dark Family Secrets, The Visibility Wiz

Cindy J Holbrook #1 Bestselling Author
Deep Dive Author Success Guides(TM) by Takara Shelor & Jeshua Hicks

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“Takara, you are an amazing leader of this publishing endeavor and I so appreciate your professional expertise. To combine it with the consensus of the group is breaking way for better business and creative enterprise models. Thank you so much from my heart to yours!”

“(Takara) I appreciate how organized and together you are. That is getting more and more rare. It’s wonderful to work with you!!”

“Takara has been instrumental in helping me elevate my frequency and level of success in my life resulting in my becoming an International Bestselling Author, which has helped open doors to getting on various stages and podcasts as well as the opportunity to work with new clients. She helped me transition from unhappy in the corporate world to thriving as an entrepreneur. Takara openly shared her connections, which opened up a massive world of new opportunities for growth and expansion. I highly recommend Takara as a coach and guide to help you unleash your best future.”

“I have been working with Takara Shelor for several years now.  Anytime I need coaching I call her first.  She has given me the knowledge to go into many areas that I lacked experience in such as an interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory, International summits with several internationally known Celebrities, and an international Summit as a speaker.  Her coaching has helped me to create many opportunities to take my work to a whole new level and look professional doing it.  Her knowledge, advice, and coaching have been very valuable in every area that I have consulted her on including our projects with Dolphins and Whales Forever and my personal book projects.  She can simplify very complex computer projects and make them perfectly understandable even for beginners.  I highly recommend her for career coaching, personal coaching, any writing or computer project, spiritual coaching, and her knowledge on taking you to the next level in all areas of your life.”

Joan had been trying unsuccessfully for 10 years to write her next book. This is what she had to say about working with Takara: “Because of you, I began writing again and now I can’t stop!!! I’m in that flow where the info keeps coming and I just don’t bother to sleep much or go any place, and yet … (I’m) well and happy.”

“Thank you for all you have done with the book … Those that have read it, do continue to praise it.”

“Takara Shelor’s leadership on that project was impressive and awe-inspiring! I’ve gotten many new clients resulting in thousands of dollars from my single chapter in that book and I’m grateful! It’s a fabulous read.”

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